New servers currently in testing!!

exodusronin OwnerCMAdmiralLoLo posted 3 hours ago


A lot of new progress but I couldn't wait to reveal some new information! The first of the new server in testing is Pixelmon, and it really looks great! It's easy to install, and you'll see a new post on it here, so if you want to get some information that check it out!

We're going to need some builders and if you have experience with pixelmon, I reccomend applying for a staff Moderator position.  We'll continue to tweak it and test it over the next few days, we'll roll it out to you all as soon as we possible!

Other new servers coming directly due to your input here and here, so keep the comments coming!

Thanks everyone!

rheindel Petty Office Sweet!!! I love Pixelmon ! I would love to build things for the server. -rheindel

World Reset

Sir_Zodiac Admin
Sir_Zodiac @ KHOM DW20 1.6.4
posted Sat at 3:01

The following worlds will be reset 2/28/15 6:00 CST:



Deep Dark

Mining World

Twilight Forest

Leave a comment if you have any other worlds to reset.

bowdenboy YES!!!!!
Sir_Zodiac Admin
Sir_Zodiac @ KHOM DW20 1.6.4
Tonight hopefuly
exodusronin OwnerCMAdmiralLoLo When?

Reviewing applications

exodusronin OwnerCMAdmiralLoLo posted Feb 22, 15

I have not forgotten anyone, I'm busy looking over potential Head Admins right now, yes, plural.

Head admins will have a big responsibilities overseeing the health and welfare of the server. Creating rules to keep the server stable, hiring and removing GM's and moderators, assisting with the decision of future mods for KHOM and setting the overall atmosphere of KHOM  as a whole.  They won't have much of a life, lol, but hopefully having multiple managers will mean they will not burn themselves out as well but we'll discuss this more one on one.

I will be contacting each of the candidates for this position later on today for a talk either over mumble or skype! 

Thanks for your interest in such an important position.

P.S. positions are still available for other jobs within KHOM please look in the Help wanted section of the forums



bowdenboy Fingers crossed

Future of KHOM...

exodusronin OwnerCMAdmiralLoLo posted Feb 19, 15

I've been saying or rather posting this for quite some time, but for staff, there is a post and for friends of KHOM past and present there's a message I've sent you all. Please take it very seriously because I need your help!

There is also a new post for applications available for new staff positions here.



Founder, KHOM

Sir_Zodiac Admin
Sir_Zodiac @ KHOM DW20 1.6.4
I love KHOM i will never leave, i will do everything i can to keep it updated and make it fun for everyone
Budboy33 AdminCommander I will continue my support to KHOM, I've not left yet and I don't plan on it.
exodusronin OwnerCMAdmiralLoLo thanks mate, and I'm sorry it was tough trying to remember everyone who's been a part of KHOM for so long, sending you a ...

Crystal Chest concerns...

exodusronin OwnerCMAdmiralLoLo posted Jan 12, 15

Due to diamond chests causing some lag concerns, I reccomend not using them for the next few days to see if there is a difference, if it continues to be a reason for concern, they may be removed.  I'll be monitoring them over the next 48 hours to see how this affects the server.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention

exodusronin OwnerCMAdmiralLoLo Thanks bud, this weekend they will be going away!
Budboy33 AdminCommander Um, diamond chests aren't the concern, crystal chests are.
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