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New Direwolf20 series...

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Aug 21, 14
Hello my fellow Exonauts, 

Exo here and boy has it been awhile, I'm slowly making my way back because I miss minecraft so much so I've been checking out other mods and such, and then a few days ago I ran across the Crash landing map, new from Direwolf20!

Check it out and tell me what you think!

EatnGoldfish ModGrand Duke this looks awesome!
Nezmin2 Arch Duke
Nezmin2 @ KHOM DW20 1.6.4
I love this! Not sure how it would work on a MP Server though...But it sure would be fun to try.

New from Feed the Beast - Not so weekly news!

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Aug 7, 14
Hi all, Just thought I would share what I'm reading on from around the modded minecraft world.

This is from Captainnana - Content mgr/Team Member/Web Developer for  with info on 1.6.4 updates, 1.7 Modpacks, and the New launcher

"Hello everyone, long time no see! First off I'd just like to apologize for the lack of updates for the past few weeks I've been pretty busy with real life stuff so haven't really had time to keep on top of things as much as I would like but I am now mostly back so hopefully we'll start to see some more things going on soon.

Now for the area specific updates:

First up is the launcher, as well as the continued development of the new Curse Client we have been continuing work on our current launcher. This doesn't slow down development of the new client as our current FTB development team can continue work on our current launcher while the Curse developers work on their new client.

We have been working on some fairly major changes for the 1.4 update of the existing launcher. Combined third party and FTB pack listings are gone and replaced with separate tabs for third party and official FTB modpacks. In the future we are planning on changing the process for adding 3rd party packs to this new tab to expand the number of quality packs and play styles available on through the FTB launcher. The main focus of development currently is changing the method that the launcher downloads modpacks. Currently the launcher downloads each modpack as a single zip file. In future, the launcher will download each mod separately. This will save time and bandwidth as it allows the launcher to reuse mods it already has instead of redownloading them each time. Lastly, we have also been refactoring code to allow for upcoming GUI prettification.

On to modpacks. As announced, official 1.6 modpacks have been frozen (other than BloodNBones which may have more updates as needed for bug fixes). Work will now be focused on moving forward toward 1.7.10, testing for mods is continuing via the unstable modpack and by our modpack team. As always there is no ETA for the new modpacks, however rest assured we are working on building new innovative modpacks. More details on 1.7 modpacks can be found here.

Plans toward the first FTB competition are continuing. There will be prizes provided from our sponsors CreeperHost and Curse, details on how you can enter will be available soon!

I think that just about covers everything, I’ll try and answer as many questions as I can in the comments if you would like to know anything.
As always looking forward to the future of KHOM, you'll begin to see some changes to the site, the donation store is being revamped, forums will get consolidated, and new forums will be created. KHOM is looking brighter than I imagined, post your questions and comments below!

Peace out Exonauts!

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL ...
Nikkorai DevModGrand Duke It has been a bit quiet at this point however, you have my ongoing support. Amidst all this. I will be attending to my o ...

Introducing Jam Packed!!!

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Jul 24, 14

Quoted from Slowpoke

"Introducing JamPacked

After the amazing success of Mod-Jam, I started to talk about doing something similar aimed at modpack creators and mapmakers. But I was never quite clear exactly what sort of format I wanted to follow. However with the recent introduction of the amzing Hardcore Questing Mode which is at the heart of the Agrarian Skies Modpack and map, the answer became easy. So starting today we are opening up the very first Jam-Packed.

The goal of JamPacked is for people to create a modpack and map designed to work together. With regards to the modpack, the only required mod is the Hardcore Questing Mod (you can find the mod at which will be the focus of your modpack and map. The only exception to this is the mods you use must either be already open for all to use in modpacks (ie open source) or you must gain permission to use the mod in your pack if it is not open source. Beyond that, you can use any mods that you wish to in your pack and there are no restriction on the design of your maps." Read the rest of the article here

Item abuse

Quelic posted Jul 17, 14

24 hour notice.. Remove your items from Poppet shelf and Focus Pouch

Poppet shelf has been misused as chunk loader (confirmed at multiple homes)
Focus Pouch has been used to transport and use foci outside the mining world.

These items will be banned within 24 hours you have been warned and NO items will be comped for losses.

Update: The Bottomless version of the focus pouch is included in this ban.
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