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Changes coming!

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Mon at 23:03
Stay tuned! Nuff said!
Inquiring minds want to know!!  -

Also what other types of servers would you be interested in playing if given the option.
Respond here, KHOM staff want to know!!

Budboy33 Mod DW 1.7.10 server? ...
dillonbay Grand Duke Or maybe a white listed Donator server that has almost no banned items (like some Chunk loaders) ...
dillonbay Grand Duke i would LOVE to have a Modsauce Server

Dire New episode 13

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Nov 5, 14
Looks like there's an update on the FTB Launcher for Direwolf20's modpack!

dillonbay Grand Duke Will we move the server to Direwolf 1.7

New mumble server host

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Oct 30, 14
Enjin will be migrating all Mumble servers to a new Mumble hosting provider. The new host will provide us with better connection quality and enterprise level protection from DDoS attacks.

The mumble server will be moved to the new datacenter on Thursday October 30th between 2:00PM EDT - 3:30PM EDT for US East and 1:30AM-3:00AM GMT for Europe.Some users will be disconnected for a few minutes and will automatically re-connect to the new server location.


exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Oct 17, 14

I can't believe it's been a whole year! Thank you everyone who's stuck with us through thick and mostly thin lol!! Hope to see you all for another year!
air_moose ModBaron Yaaa :,D
koolkat1000 Baron Huzzah! ...
robin_ps Baron Well no problem I guess
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