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New mumble server host

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Thu at 10:47
Enjin will be migrating all Mumble servers to a new Mumble hosting provider. The new host will provide us with better connection quality and enterprise level protection from DDoS attacks.

The mumble server will be moved to the new datacenter on Thursday October 30th between 2:00PM EDT - 3:30PM EDT for US East and 1:30AM-3:00AM GMT for Europe.Some users will be disconnected for a few minutes and will automatically re-connect to the new server location.


exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Oct 17, 14

I can't believe it's been a whole year! Thank you everyone who's stuck with us through thick and mostly thin lol!! Hope to see you all for another year!
air_moose ModBaron Yaaa :,D
koolkat1000 Baron Huzzah! ...
robin_ps Baron Well no problem I guess

Exo's back but keep missing you guys

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Sep 17, 14
Hey all, been a minute and boy has there been some changes to mojang..  But I'm back and hopefully we'll do some great things in KHOM to break the boredom in the coming weeks... 

Our 1yr anniversary is coming up on October 17th too and I'm liable to do something carazay!!! Stay tuned!

But for now let's read up on Mojang!

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL I hear you, personally I want to move away from forge/mcpc+/bukkit anyway, it's true they allow you to manage the server ...
mocfunky Baron The bigger news is the Bukkit drama. This is causing bukkit dev to stop til further notice. This also means Spigot and C ...

New Direwolf20 series...

exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL posted Aug 21, 14
Hello my fellow Exonauts, 

Exo here and boy has it been awhile, I'm slowly making my way back because I miss minecraft so much so I've been checking out other mods and such, and then a few days ago I ran across the Crash landing map, new from Direwolf20!

Check it out and tell me what you think!

EatnGoldfish ModGrand Duke this looks awesome!
Nezmin2 Arch Duke I love this! Not sure how it would work on a MP Server though...But it sure would be fun to try.
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exodusronin OwnerCMArch DukeLoL  created a new thread Interesting youtube video about Phil Fish... btw who... in the General DIscussion forum
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