Admin Announcements
Infinity server is on 1.3.4
Had to shut server down for update will be up shortly
KHOM Is going through some remodeling and server changes please bear with us
The KHOM pack is live! Search KHOM on the technic launcher to download it and find bugs that we can patch +)
DW 1.6.4 is back up everyone
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Active Soldiers
2 / 20
Today's Record: 4 players (2 hours ago)
Weekly Record: 6 players (Sun at 14:00)
Monthly Record: 10 players (Jun 6, 15)
Online DW20 1.6.4
2 / 20
Monthly Record: 10 players (Jun 6, 15)
Some of us dont have the PC power to play the newer modpacks, myself included and many others, that is the reason why i think its good to keep it at the 1.6.4 version, maybe possibly in the future they might bring something out for you guys soon
why dw20 1.6.4 a newer version will be much more fun and harder for experienced players
Yeah because we're sqwitching servers infinity will be shutting down... Maybe we'll have it back one day
Lawl, the awkward moment I try getting back into KHOM via FTB Infinity and then realising that it's the wrong version... ._.
Haven't been on lately cuz I just order my new gaming computer will be on soon
You do not have access to shout
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